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About Us - The Beloit Historical Society

Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of Beloit's rich history.

The Beloit Historical Society, founded in 1910, is the oldest historical society in Rock County, Wisconsin. Headquartered on the west side of town, the society manages two sites - The Lincoln Center and the Hanchett-Bartlett Homestead. The Beloit Historical Society is comprised of five buildings and an area of 30 acres. Programs and events of community interest are held throughout the year at both facilities. Our schedule of events is available at the Lincoln Center or on our UPCOMING EVENTS page.

The current location of the Beloit Historical Society is at the Lincoln Center, located in heart of the Beloit Community. Its location sits upon the space once occupied by Lincoln Junior High School from 1921 to 1985.

In 2014, the Society Restated its Articles of Incorporation and revised its By-Laws. They were approved by the membership at the annual meeting; the By-Laws were amended in 2016.

Beloit Historical Society 990 forms

Beloit Historical Society Board of Directrs


Teri Downing


Mary Herrmann

Vice President

Rick Dexter


Nancy Wallace

Past President

Board of Directors

Deb Jensen-Dehart
Mike King
Nicolette Meister
John Sabaka
Jennifer Scott


Kelly Washburn

Program/Development Manager

David Zimdars

Administrative Assistant

Krista Barry

Collections Manager